Dungeon Crawling Indie Bundle With 5 Games

Indiebundle.org Hellish Dungeons

More deals are now available on Indiebundle.org. One of the latest additions is The Hellish Dungeons Bundle, which features 3 or 5 dungeon related games, redeemable through Desura. Most of these games will also yield a Steam key if they are approved through Steam Greenlight, so interested parties should vote for these titles. Starting at $5, gamers can buy a set of 3 titles, which we’ll list below:

  • Guy vs. The Wicked and Nefarious Land
  • 99 Levels to Hell
  • Rogue’s Tale

In the one where you play a Guy, you’ll need skills to survive 5 dungeons filled with enemies, in this cartoony top-down title. A set of 9 weapons and 3 skills should suffice to get to 3 different endings. In the game, you’ll find 21 monster types as well as puzzle elements. Things get even more hectic in the randomly generated platform shooter 99 Levels to Hell. Lots of monsters, blood, fire and occult signs will flash on the screen, as players try to beat its hundred levels of, well, hell. We mentioned Rogue’s Tale once before and it should still be a kick for adventurers that enjoy Dungeons & Dragons rulesets with their turn-based hack and slash games.

Going for a premium bundle at a price of $7 will add 2 more games to this package, with the first called Claustrophobia and the second named Dark Gates. The former is classic roguelike gameplay, such as Rogue’s Tale, with colorful pixel visuals and tons of loot. While Dark Gates is similar as well, it will involve more puzzle and RPG elements, with an illustrated style.

You can find this indie bundle here.

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