Dungeon Defenders Opens $1000 Map Contest

Dungeon Defenders Map Contest

Dungeon Defenders is calling upon its modding community to create some new maps for them. Trendy Entertainment has announced a contest, where the best map will get added to the game’s Open and Ranked mode, as well as offer winners cash prizes and a Dungeon Defenders prize pack.

Maps should be made as traditional Tower Defense and allow between 4 and 6 players. However, boss fights and special elements such as magic carpets and the likes are allowed. Additionally, entries may be made as collaborations and winnings divided amongst winners, but it is limited to just 1 entry per author. Maps will also be judged on their optimal performance. Entries must arrive before June 21, 2012. A full set of guidelines and details can be found here.

Entries will be judged by popular vote for 60% and by a panel of 3 to 6 people from Dungeon Defenders’ modding and development community for 40%. First place will take home $1000 along with the victory swag, second place is good for $500 and third place nets $250. Good luck!

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