E3 Conference Nutshells: Microsoft


Don’t you wish you could go back in time and distill that Nintendo conference into the 15 minutes of content it actually had? Well, for anyone that hasn’t seen all the conferences yet, we’ll do just that; so you don’t have to.


They started with extensive Halo 4 gameplay, showing a new jungle setting with shifting enemies and shifting gun mechanics. Then came the announcement for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, stealing the thunder for Ubisoft later. Stealth action hero Sam Fischer can now kill in fluent motion and use Kinect to distract guards and issue commands. Kinect is also coming to EA’s sports range, such as a swearing filter for Fifa and NFL voice plays. Fable The Journey is turning into a magical adventure, complete with Hadoukens.

Next was a hype pitch for Gears of War Judgment, using A Perfect Circle’s song from last year’s Rage trailer. Forza Horizon used dubstep for its hype clip. Then a large promotion for Xbox Live services detailed the many new names such as the NBA coming to the network, which again can be prompted by voice. For more active sports, Nike+ Kinect Training was introduced, giving real time professional feedback to athletes. Another extensive announcement for Microsoft’s new system called Smartglass followed, offering ways to connect smart devices and TVs to create an interactive encyclopedia on all devices.

Square Enix stepped on stage to present Tomb Raider extensively, showing bow shooting and platform and slide sections.  Then it was time for 3 new announcements. Ascend: New Gods is a fantastical combat RPG with large creatures decked in armor and with lots of blood. Loco Cycle is about a bike, though that is all that was shown. A pitch by filmmaker Gore Verbinski was later announced with Matter; a futuristic title about a ball in a Tron-like environment.

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Capcom appeared and displayed Resident Evil 6, which will receive special incentives for Xbox 360. The creators of South Park followed, immediately talking a jab at Smartglass. They also pitched their upcoming RPG, which will receive exclusives on Xbox 360 as well. Dance Central 3 then created an intermezzo and featured a live performance by Usher.

The conference finished with a sizable slice of gameplay for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. You can catch that one in full here. It features a futuristic setting filled with movement and has some turret and flying sections.

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