EA Continues American Football Lawsuit Struggles

EA Madden Antonick lawsuit

American football and EA don’t seem to be making the best of friends lately. It just received word from the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA that it will not renew its contract for football games. This is due to its misrepresentation of college athletes in prior releases. Additionally, this was the verdict in a lawsuit settled almost exactly one year ago. Here, a sum of $27 million was put on EA to pay consumers who purchased their titles tied to a monopoly state. In this matter, it was also decided that EA could not pursue further contract with either the NCAA or AFL for 5 years, starting in 2014.

In recent news, Electronic Arts also failed to dismiss an even bigger suit where a former employee claiming to be responsible for the base code of the Madden franchise sought ample compensation for over 20 years of unaccredited work. This sum could reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is said that EA already moved on to a new contract with the Collegiate Licensing Company to produce more non-exclusive college sports titles.

We’d suggest overcoming this strife by bringing back NFL Street, but we heard someone is suing the company for depictions of tattoos in that game. Yes, tattoos; we’re serious. EA just can’t catch a break.

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