Egoraptor: Tester Entry Was “A Joke” – Talks About Gaming Vision

Internet persona Egoraptor, real name Arin Hanson, has made his e-fame with some funny parodies in the trademarked ‘Awesome’ series. You might’ve watched Metal Gear Awesome at some point. Recently, he also added a new series called Sequelitis, where he discusses the inner workings and artful conceptions of game design.

Arin Hanson on The Tester

Arin Hanson on his way to The Tester

His latest endeavor was on Sony’s reality show The Tester, where contestants battle for a job in the gaming industry. Egoraptor got booted after 3 episodes for doing the task he was asked to do, but not in the way the deciding judges had anticipated. In talks with Destructoid, the internet demigod opened by stating what parts of his body that show could give attention to. When addressed about the prize, he mentioned: “I don’t want a QA job,” after which he continued: “Going on that show was just kind of a joke.

They then discussed Hanson’s own ventures into game making. The man did state that he was slowly working on a platformer title and to eventually take it to the next level. More importantly, they explored his ideas behind Sequelitis and gaming as a medium. “It’s like a new art form that isn’t developed or matured,” he said.

Yet, his thoughts on gaming critics and the community were less enthused. It was partially because of this that he started Sequelitis to talk about how he feels a game’s value should be approached. In particular, IGN’s GTA IV review made a pivotal impression for this decision. He mentioned: “[IGN] gave it something obscene like a 10/10, and the entire review read like a tutorial or a manual.”

Egoraptor Castlevania Sequelitis

Egoraptor gave further insight on creating videos about games he feels inspire people, regardless of their face value. For example, he states that even though Bullet Witch is not that great, the game tries a series of different things and that plays with gamer expectations. It’s a different take on what makes a game work.  We highly suggest you watch his video on Mega Man X to get a taste of his vision.

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  1. Jonathan March 7, 2012

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    Egoraptor has a following because he is fucking funny, we like his personality and he is what most of us are a gamer with his own interests and I think that is what makes egoraptor an appealing candidate. Sony should eat balls, because no one will watch the tester anymore. Lets kick off the only person anyone has ever heard of for dumb bullcrap. Maybe people will like us. Nope. Egoraptor if you read this. Screw sony man. No one is going to buy vita or the next playstation anyhow. The only reason anyone has it now is free online play.

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