Emphatic Game Of Thrones Diary Talks 7-Year Saga

Game of Thrones RPG

The guys over at Cyanide Studio are an emphatic bunch; that much is certain. Their developer diaries always sound so sincere and show you that if anything, they are well invested in their craft. Hell, their latest diary even tries to cleverly sneak in some cross promotion for their previous title Wargame: European Escalation. But, just like the former, the video for the Game of Thrones RPG is laced with a slight French accent.

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Cyanide Studio apparently started their quest for the George Martin saga 7 years ago, before the whole TV show thing. As such, they discussed with the author just how to fit their game into the universe.

The developers felt it was important to start a new story with some other characters, to give players a novel experience instead of one they would already know the outcome of. Just like the books from A Song of Ice and Fire present the narrative through different characters, so does the game follow Mors and Alester in separate ways.

Mors is the more rugged of the two characters; craving conflict and making use of a unique ability that lets him take direct control of his canine friend. Alester is more of a diplomat, who seeks to resolve issues with conversation. His fighting style relies more on tricks and dexterity. But no matter what the character, the developers mention that consequences will affect the entire story both in short and long term.

The artwork, characters and designs are also created in collaboration with George Martin himself. The developer diary shows once more that the game is created with great care, right into the details of armors and such.  Everything is made with the extension of the franchise’s extension in mind.

North Americans can already enjoy the game through the publishing of Atlus. Europeans will have to wait a bit longer for publisher Focus Home Interactive to release the title.

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