Endless Space Has Finite July 4 Release Date

Endless Space

Iceberg Interactive has landed a release date for one of their upcoming space 4X strategy games. Endless Space will come to PC exclusively on July 4, 2012. The estimated price is set at $29.99.

The launch comes after a sizable Beta that had over 20,000 gamers participate in the process through Steam’s digital platform. In Endless Space, 8 civilizations take to the stars in a struggle for supremacy. Naturally, this comes with a side of diplomacy, technology improvement and all that expansive goodness you’d expect from the genre.

Endless Space will also use a service called GAMES2GETHER, marked in caps for importance from what we believe. Apparently, it allows players to stay up to date with the development team as well as offering a way to be an active part of its future progress. It also grants access to early builds, though it’s not stated if that refers to future DLC and/or expansions or other games.

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