Ethics In Binary Domain “Hollow Child” Trailer Get Rough

Binary Domain Slum KidsThe newest trailer for SEGA’s Binary Domain is intense. The shooter shows a cutscene of the protagonists running into what appears to be some shady business. They’re standing in an oriental quarter with bright neon lights everywhere, as the scene shifts focus to the natives.

A mob captures a guy that seems to be missing a part of his face and is showing to be metallic on the inside. They have business with the robot, as they exchange dialog in their native tongue. The robotic man is called a “Hollow Child” and seems to go through an identity crisis when it learns of its unknown metal roots. After that, things go wrong and team Western world chimes in with gunfire. Because that’s what English speaking army men in futuristic body armor do; they shoot things up.

YouTube Preview Image

The 5 minute long cutscene depicts a good example of the ethics and tensions Binary Domain will work with. It might remind some of Deus Ex: Human Revolution that also struggled with the morals of humans versus robotics. Binary Domain is coming out this week for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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