Euro eShop Has Math, Lego And Ponies For The Kids, While You Wait For Rayman

Lego City 3DS

This week’s European digital releases on Nintendo’s eShop once more focus on the 3DS, with only minor additions for other platforms. Nintendo hereby consolidates its previous mention of focusing on a strong 3DS release schedule, as well as its launch of a promotion where users can buy 3 recent Nintendo titles and receive a fourth title for free.

Most notable on the release schedule this week, Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins provides a 3DS prequel to the Wii U main feature. Players take on missions in Lego City to establish their reputation, from rookie to hero.  A digital download will be available for €39.99. More large titles include Bit.Trip Saga, which offers a collection of colorful running games mixed with tight, rhythmical challenges at a cost of €19.99. Casual players can get their hands on Riding Stables 3D for €29.99. As the name suggests, you’ll be able to care for horses and train them to win tournaments.

Bit Trip Saga

Small 3DS titles this week contain another Mega Man release; the fourth one to be exact. Jumping and shooting from left to right in Mega Man 4 costs €4.99. Little ones can train their skills with Lola’s Math Train for €2 + €0.99, which equals? Your first step to acquiring this game is figuring out that problem. Finally, 3DS owners can also download a demo for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, as it prepares for European release.

The Wii returns to its old shenanigans with the addition of another Neo Geo fighter. This time, players can download Real Bout Fatal Fury for 900 Wii points.

Rayman Challenges Online

Lastly, Wii U owners only get one game this week, but at least it’s a free one. After delays were announced for the main game, a free download for Rayman Legends Challenges will be available on Friday. Here, players race against each other in an attempt for a top spot on the leaderboards. Delays were also announced for Injustice: Gods Among Us and Aliens: Colonial Marines, though the latter one even goes as far as going into development limbo.

Let us know If you plan to pick up a game this week.

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