Europa Universalis IV Talks About The Cost Of War

Europa Universalis IV PC Game screenshot

Paradox Interactive is close to bringing its prime strategy title, Europa Universalis IV (EU4), to market. It will release for PC on August 13, 2013. Until then, we get a few developer diaries, such as the latest one that explains how warfare works.

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One of the major additions in this iteration of the empire builder is a manpower modifier, which will alter exactly how troops are spent. Now, not only numbers will be important, but keeping men alive will matter as well. Too many losses could lead up to empty generations where no soldiers are available. Naturally, this can be countered with training grounds and the likes. If you play with a more money-centered nation, you’ll still be able to up your ranks by hiring mercenaries.

Money is the second thing to receive extra attention in war times. In EU4, the cost of battles will weigh down much more on nations, such as an increased cost for reinforcements. Balancing tradeoffs between supporting troops and risking losses should cause more caution with leaders. To aid with management, loans have become more lenient, at least to the point where they’re now more prevalent as a design. It will still cost money to make money, in the end.

A last point of attention comes from fought battles themselves, which can now shatter fallen opponents. Those that lose the battle could run for the hills, instead of standing their ground and trying again the next turn. Alternatively, costly battles may have troops become disorganized or exhausted, which prevents rounds where armies are just chased through the map. Finally, visibility of information should now tell players everything they’d need to know on a fight’s progression.

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