European PSN Adds Paypal Payment Method

Paypal sony

European Playstation Network users may rejoice, as Sony has added a new and easier payment plan to their store, after numerous years of cards and such. Now, people can link a Paypal account to their PSN account, which should make payments a lot easier than with prepaid cards with fixed numbers or credit cards.

In order to use this service, gamers can log into their account on the Sony Network Entertainment site. There, click the Account button and then the sub-tab Wallet. When going to the button to add money to your wallet, you should see a third Paypal option, next to credit card and prepaid cards.

Perhaps the method is not as easy as a direct payment, as it does require you to top up a predetermined amount, starting at €5. Also, it seems that there’s a 150 Euro limit to accounts. It’s not an ideal option, but it should still be a help to select users that don’t have the means to get other payment options as easily. Also, US gamers could actually benefit from this by using Paypal to pay for games on a EU account. We therefore hope the same will be added to US users soon, so the reverse is also possible.

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