F1 Race Stars And Thundercats Announced

F1 Race Stars

Namco Bandai has made some cutesy announcement to pluck at gamers’ heartstrings. As the official distributor for Codemasters titles, the company revealed the peculiar spinoff F1 Race Stars.

As reported earlier, F1 Race Stars is a brand new venture within the Formula One franchise. The game transforms the otherwise serious sport into an adorable karting mix. A super deformed chibi style molds official drivers and their vehicles into pint-sized avatars. F1 Race Stars will feature the official licenses for stables and locations and thus feature names such as Alonso and Vettel and take on the tracks of Monaco or Silverstone. Except this time the tracks will get slight alterations. And with slight, we mean the locations will start forming Inception-style and go up high to create vertical hairpin turns. Races will also feature jumps and even loops.

The game will feature an extensive campaign as well as 4-player splitscreen for more party fun. A 12-player competition will make up the more competitive side. F1 Race Stars will release this November for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Frankly, we can’t wait for this alternative take on Formula One and are interested in seeing what Codemasters will do with this one. Senior Prducer Chris Gray mentioned: “We’ve really let our Art and Design teams off the leash to bring F1 stars’ personalities alive in a new way and create a game where racing fans of all ages can jump into all-action solo, split-screen and online multiplayer races. It’s the game we’ve wanted to create for a long time and we’re now able to […] create a Formula One experience quite unlike any other.”

thundercats More on the endearing front, Namco Bandai will publish none other than Thundercats! That’s right, given the recent reproduction in the classic cartoon series, a Nintendo DS game is set for release on September 28, 2012.

Players will play a classic sidescrolling adventure with Lion-o and will be able to summon the characters Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, WiliKit and WiliKat from the series. By completing objectives, there will also be a possibility to collect memorial cards. A whole batch of very tiny screenshots depict some of the classic action. There is a whole bunch of sword shooting, classic brawler “Go” signs and of course the chant “Thundercats, Hooo!” The opening shot also reveals a Stage Attack mode, implying replay value added by clearing levels more efficiently.

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