FIFA 14 Announced With Gameplay Features Videos

FIFA 14 screenshot

As with the recent announcement of NHL 14; it’s now the turn for FIFA 14 to rear its head as well. This highly successful football franchise will enhance several features in this year’s edition.

For starters, a new Pure Shot system will allow players to firmly adjust themselves for a better scoring position, which in turn enables them to perform more precise shots, even when struck off balance. Through use of Real Ball Physics, this will also add new and accurate shots, such as veering knuckle shots or rising strikes. Short, raw gameplay footage has been released to illustrate this point. It also compares the changes of this year’s release with FIFA 13.

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Furthermore, players will be able to guard off assailants better and keep possession in midfield with Protect the Ball. This element enables sprinting dribbles, as well as enhanced intelligence for both attacking and defending parties. With Sprint Dribble Turns, there will be less slowdown when trying to change direction during fast running speeds. To ensure fairness, Variable Dribble Turns will allocate skill to the amount of control that is kept when performing these feats.

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The biggest change in the Career mode this year is the Global Scouting Network, which opens up all-year scouting possibilities, as well as a better hub and live reports. Naturally, alterations to the online modes will apply as well, with a new gameplay mode that is said to encourage social interaction.

FIFA 14 is slated for release on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, but unlike NHL 14 there is no release date so far. It’s being produced by EA Canada, which is a major football country, as we all know. Just kidding, dear Canadian audience, please don’t throw pucks at us. We love you.

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