Final Fantasy Inspired 16 Bit Arena Free Until End Of May

16 Bit ArenaFor a limited time only, online multiplayer game 16 Bit Arena will be free to download for all its users, across all six stores it’s currently represented. Free access to the full title of this indie game will remain until May 31, 2013. After that, anyone wanting to download the brawler will need to chip in $9.99. However, those that download during this time period receive the game free of charge indefinitely.

By doing this, 16 Bit Arena hopes to accomplish enough to pass the goal of a full 9 versus 9 player server. If so, the game will open up donations. This will allow players to pledge $5 to have characters drawn for them. Should enough people donate, 16 Bit Arena will become a free-to-play title permanently. Otherwise, 10% of donations will be given towards charity.

In 16 Bit Arena, players choose a character from a range of classes to descend into a battleground, where gameplay is dictated by turn-based mechanisms. To participate, players have to complete a platform game trial first or succeed in a 2-player card game, like those present in the Final fantasy series. This franchise is also used to inspire the visuals of the game. Combat in the arena lets players take turns or save up for more tactical approaches. Alternatively, spectators can help out their team by cheering, which heals the respective group.

You can find a download for 16 Bit Arena here.

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