Find Out How To Play Remember Me In This Narrated Clip

Remember me

Capcom released a new video for Remember Me. This is the company’s latest foray into the world of cyberpunk, which will work with memory as a main theme.

YouTube Preview Image

In the clip, we’re guided by one of the developers, who explain the central themes of the game. In this virtual future, the last boundaries of intimacy and intimacy have been breached and everyone is on board with this feature, in return for sharing possibilities. That is; almost everyone is on board, except the resistance. Players will play with Nilin, one of these counter group people. She has access to “rememberane” powers, which allow her to store and use memories from others in 3D space. This is also used to fight crime, a little like Minority Report, but in a more direct form. As a part of the resistance, you’ll be able to use these to gain crucial information.

Should that fail, Nilin can still alter a person’s memory. This feature was detailed extensively in another video some time ago. As a player, you basically reshape fate in a person’s brain as you see fit. You can do this through the use of memory glitches that alter a person’s perception of what actually happened. This is called a remix.

In a less stellar plot twist, protagonist Nilin will be struck with amnesia and it’s up to the player to get back to full capacity. They’ll receive help from outside characters and findable objects. This is used to remember fighting styles, which gamers can use to customize moves.

The game gets more confusing through the use of this memory meddling with creatures who feed on others and boss fights that take place in this otherworldly realm. Nilin will have to go into their psyche to overcome adversity. Fortunately, she’ll also be able to use her powers to overload other people’s brains.

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