Fire Emblem 3DS Demo And Special Edition Headed To Europe

Fire Emblem awakening

Nintendo of Europe announced the Fire Emblem: Awakening will receive a demo on March 28, 2013. Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to download a sample of this strategy game on the eShop in next week’s update.

Additionally, the game will be available for digital download upon its release on April 19, 2013. Launch day will accompany the game with a special Nintendo 3DS XL Limited Edition Pack with Fire Emblem: Awakening pre-installed. Fire Emblem artwork will also be decorated on an exclusively blue colored handheld.

Fire Emblem awakening

The latest iteration of this grand strategy game offers more character interaction than ever. For instance, players can pair units together to strengthen their bond and eventually even marry them and have them procreate. It’s the human form of Pokémon. Additionally, Awakening is the first in the series to offer cutscenes with English or Japanese narration. Players will also be able to download additional content and work cooperatively through the handheld’s connectivity options. Fire Emblem: Awakening already received high praise from US press, such as a 10 out of 10 from The Escapist or a 9.6 from IGN.

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