First Walking Dead Episode Is Free Today [Update]

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Stop what you’re doing and go pick up the first episode of the award winning The Walking Dead on Xbox 360 for free. This December 25, Microsoft is giving away “A New Day” to lucky Xbox 360 owners everywhere.

For those that don’t know the series, we just recapped the entire season in a general review where you’ll also find links for each episode. This will also tell you more about the iconic title that has sparked new life into game narration. The offer is very limited, so be sure to jump on it right this instance. Don’t procrastinate and open a new tab or click away to do it in a minute; do it now.

Here, we’ll even link it for you, so you don’t have to do anything but click “Buy Game.” Don’t worry, it will be free at 0 points and it will get added to your downloads: The Walking Dead: Episode 1 – A New Day free on Xbox 360.


Update: Since people are getting back to us with the offer not being for the right region, try to find “Full Game – The Walking Dead” if our link doesn’t work. It should just get you to the first episode. Otherwise, there is this:

Also, this offer should extend to January and the other episodes are likely to go on sale in the next few days, so hold out for some more deals before caving in.


  1. Ste December 25, 2012

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    Its USA only OFFER as well.


  2. SuperSaiayn_Goku December 25, 2012

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    Wow lame only Ep1, On my PS3 we got Ep 1,2 & 3 free of the Walking Dead for Plus users…

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