Free-to-play Auto Club Revolution Enhances Multiplayer Experience

Auto Club Revolution

Free-to-play online racing game Auto Club Revolution announced its first major updates of the new year. It should make the multiplayer experience a lot more enjoyable with several tweaks detailed below.

First off, an overhead display will allow racers to view nearby cars. A 3D racing line will help players find the optimal groove in the road. More importantly, physics enhancements will now offer a more realistic racing approach with better collisions to boot. Matchmaking is also further improved and a “VPR range” will ensure that matches can only be played between cars of approximately the same specs.

In a smart move by developer Eutechnyx, gamers trying to purposely obstruct others during races will now trigger a ghosting system that lets other cars pass through them without hit detection. We’re always fans of thwarting tomfoolery online.

You can find and play Auto Club Revolution right here.

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