Gold Gemini Wars Goes Preorder

gemini wars

Iceberg Interactive is still working hard on their focus of 4X strategy games. The publisher announced that one of those games, namely Gemini Wars, has gone gold and is now available for pre-order through several digital platforms. The game continues in the same universe also present in Starpoint Gemini, which Iceberg Interactive released last year.

Though Gemini Wars will still enjoy many 4X qualities, the game is more centered on commandeering fleets and taking those into combat. Players will start small and work their way to the top of the food chain and even end up controlling planetary bases. A gameplay trailer gives us an idea of what the full game has in store.

YouTube Preview Image

For one, players will not only be able to research new technologies and upgrade their war machines, but they’ll also be able to build new colonies or take some from the enemy. The trailer even mentions fighting in several star systems at once, though it’s not quite certain how that works. It does show some extensive zooming capabilities. More so, Gemini  Wars will have a campaign mode with 16 missions in total.

The retail version of this PC game will ship on its June 8, 2012 release date and will get localized versions on a somewhat later date.


  1. beast May 18, 2012

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    Actually, it does not play in the same universe as Starpoint Gemini. The Gemini name is just popular it seems but these are quite different games from different developers.

    • Daav Valentaten
      Daav Valentaten May 18, 2012

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      We’re inclined to believe you, but derived that from this Iceberg Interactive quote: “With Gemini Wars, we are bringing space strategy gamers a great looking, more structured strategy gaming experience that still has a lot of ‘4x’ elements, but is focused on a multitude of increasingly challenging missions set in the Gemini universe and a great storyline that develops during the campaign.” – If not, there’s a lot of ambiguity left in that phrase, but that’s fine. Developers and IPs need not necessarily mix.

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