Grab iOS Saving Yello and PA For A Day For Free Now

Saving Yello

We should treat you iOS owners to some more free games from time. That’s why we’ll give you a choice of 2 apps to download from iTunes right now.

Saving Yello rides the success coattails of Angry Birds. Except this time players need to take care of a fish that has to find its way back to a bowl of water. To get there, you’ll need to pull on its tail and fling it through stages, avoiding dangerous hazards. It’s also possible to unlock some power-ups and unleash some chain reactions. There are 50 levels to go through and 3 game settings. Normally, the app would cost 99 cents, but it’s now free for a limited time. Be warned that some reviews mention aggressive advertisement tactics, but since it’s free now, it’s worth a shot. You can download Saving Yello here.

Pa for a day

PA for a Day is more of a mixture of the classic Paperboy formula and Courier Crisis for the knowledgeable Playstation fans. In this free game, players take on tasks for their demanding clients and try to tackle a city filled with challenges to reach their goals. Dodge cars and pedestrians, while flying through traffic. Such is the life a lowly personal assistant. You can download PA for a Day here.

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  1. Brian Stafford October 14, 2012

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    Fun game! Reminds me of paperboy. I can already see the potential for v2 with grand theft auto integration. Great job!

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