Gran Turismo 6 GT Academy Boasts 600,000 Downloads So Far

GT Academy Gran Turismo 6 Sony contest race

Sony is preparing for a new edition of their GT Academy, which takes regular gamers and turns them into actual racecar drivers. Did you know “racecar” is a palindrome? Back to the point: GT Academy is a contest that is traditionally played through a demo of Sony’s prime racing title and this year, Gran Turismo 6 on Playstation 3 will substitute its older iteration.

To participate, gamers need only to download the free demo on the Playstation Store and start driving. So far, over 600,000 racers have entered in 18 participating countries. Worldwide, the tally for the demo breaches the million downloads. In my humble burg of Belgium, an exact 15,534 have tried their hand at glory. One of those is ranked 6th in the total leaderboards. Pole position is credited to Ti-tech85; a French player known to the contest. Spain can boast the most top scores, with 41 leading positions in the top 250.

A Nissan Leaf 370Z and GT-R are available in the demo. The top time was achieved with the prior car at a time of 2:16.516, which is still 14 seconds short of the last year’s winning time in the real event. Upon completing the trials, gamers will be able to test their skills on an actual race track with real cars. Eventually, the winner will be selected to participate in a training program that molds them into a professional driver. Last year’s winner immediately helped achieve a podium spot in his first race. A comical promotional trailer has him, as well as other notable winners pitching the contest.

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Players have until the end of July 28, 2013 to qualify, after which additional tests will be held to thin out the herd for actual races. Let us know if you’re one of these elite few or what you expect to do to become one of them.

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