Great Green Man Gaming EA Deals, But Lies On The Page [Update]

Green Man Gaming Ea DealsDigital distribution site Green Man Gaming is having a sale, just like Gamersgate has one going right now. While we usually focus on indie deals, we’re sure you’ll also appreciate this stack of EA game deals. A total of 9 titles are up for grabs for discounts of up to 75%. We’ll list these titles below, but with an adjusted price, as a coupon can further cut costs.

Use this coupon to receive the price below: GMG20-GGN5D-FC3NA

  • Mass Effect 2 – $4
  • Mass Effect 3 – $8
  • Mass Effect 3 Digital Deluxe – $12
  • Mercenaries 2 – $2
  • NFS: The Run – $4
  • Shank 2 – $4
  • Syndicate – $4
  • Saboteur – $4
  • Warp – $4

Those are some pretty insane deals, right? If you’ve missed any of these titles in the past, this would be the best chance to pick them up for pocket. Please note that these downloads will need an Origin account to activate the game. Also, EA has shut down the multiplayer section for Mercenaries 2.

Unfortunately, if you live outside of US territory, be prepared to deal with gross markups that not only sell the games at much higher prices, but also wrongfully indicate them on the sale page. While Euros are indicated on the hub, store pages are listed in Pounds Sterling, which heighten the price even more. We might even call that false advertising, as £17.49 does not equal €17.49, but is actually €20.5 or an increase of roughly 17%.

You can find Green Man Gaming’s EA deals here.

Update: Green Man Gaming representative Daniel Cairns got back to us, expressing their dealing with the pricing flaw, stating: “Thanks for highlighting this bug – we are currently looking at it.  We’re not in the business of deceiving customers, just bringing them great value and rewards. – 24 hours after this statement, nothing has changed.

48 hours later: The initial hub now shows the correct, inflated price in Pounds Sterling. It’s not the same deal for everyone, but at least it’s a fair one. Happy shopping, everyone. 

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