GRiD 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Gets You Followers

Grid 2 online multiplayer screenshots

Codemasters released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming racing game Grid 2. In it, we get to see the developer’s plans for its online Racenet service.

YouTube Preview Image

First off, we notice how slick and shiny the visuals are. In particular, some cinematic camera angles have a remarkable sense of realism to them, quite undifferentiating from the real thing. It’s amazing how racing games can perform this feat. Reflections on car models also look exquisitely shiny. It’s a bit weird that Codemasters chooses to put in crowd character models that look like cardboard cutouts in contrast, but as far as the rest goes, backgrounds included, this game looks stunning.

Grid 2 online multiplayer screenshots

Now, onto the features of this game: the developer’s Racenet service will allow players to follow others and look at their progress. Additionally, it’s possible to pick out certain rivals and take them on in an online race. Also, periodic challenges will be available for bragging rights as well. All these will link to each other and successfully completing races will yield a chance at more followers, rivals and therefore more fame. To complete the deal, races can be uploaded online to Youtube and others will be able to comment on your performance. This clip shows Codemasters’ rather naïve thought of how an online community would respond to that in a clean, supportive way. We all know that’s not true.

Grid 2 online multiplayer screenshots

Further features of the multiplayer portion of the game will feature 12 person races. Alternatively, splitscreen races will also be possible. Upgrades will allow for enhanced racing. More so, an anti-griefing system will ensure that clean racers and contact sport enthusiasts will remain separated and encounter each other more often. Multiple game modes such as Endurance, Drift or Touge will be available. Gameplay will follow a scoring system, presumably awarded for good driving skills. We can also see a multiplier in the bottom left screen, which will probably increase this.

Racenet is not a season pass deal; it’s a free service that comes with the game, as it should be. Grid 2 releases on May 31, 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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