Grinns Tale Launches And Other Game Formats

the grinns tale

The Grinns Tale, has now launched for free.

The Facebook title lets players set up a small base, craft equipment and then take their spoils into war for more spoils. It also employs a different mechanic than most social games, as in it’s one of the only ones to not require the constant pestering of contacts to proceed in the game. This pleased some media during its successful Beta period to such extent that it received praise from the likes of Kotaku, who’s Mike Fahey called it “the most charming RPG I’ve played in years.” Take that, SimCity Social!

bighead bash hellboy

Spicy Horse is also expanding their territory with their other games. A similar title to Nexon’s game called Crazy Fairies joins BigHead Bash on Armor Games, while the latter is also available on Aeria Games from now on. More so, BigHead Bash added skins from the popular Hellboy series for its brawler. Lastly, the developer also released an update on their Beta for Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, after a first build omitted to explain any details of the game. Those of you waiting for that, can rest assured that tool tips have been added to the Japanese action RPG and more updates are incoming shortly.

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