Groupees Adventure Roleplaying Bundle Lets You Decide Your Quest

Groupees Adventure roleplaying bundle

Deal makers Groupees have another promotion up that lets you pick your own games in the Adventure Roleplaying Bundle. A total of 7 games are available, either through Desura or Steam. We’ll post all possible choices below:

  • They Breathe
  • Ben There, Dan That! + Time Gentlemen, Please
  • Vox
  • Aztaka
  • Reef Shot
  • Rune Classic
  • Pickers

If we were to give you some suggestions, then make sure to include that double feature of games, second on the list. Its cartoon vibe is excellently complemented by a duo of adventurers that go as far as revisiting a strange dinosaur fascist regime. If you can’t get enough of blocks, then Vox and its refined crafting action may give you some alternative to that other building blocks title. You know the one; it sold a few copies. If you really want to dive into some nostalgia, Nordic Playstation 2 game Rune is on Steam now and looks as Playstation as ever, if you know what we mean. Those weird, squared polygon adventures of yore; that’s what we mean. These choices will set a starting price at $2.25. Buying all 7 titles starts at just $4.5.

You can purchase Groupees’ Adventure Roleplaying Bundle here.

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