GTA 5 Has ‘Biggest Map’, Aiming for 2012 Release

Rockstar’s Dan Houser recently claimed that Grand Theft Auto 5 is likely to have the biggest map of any game in the series. The company’s Director of Creativity, Houser was understandably quiet about the game when questioned in an interview, but was nice enough to offer some insight into the game’s (rather obvious) setting, as well as its sheer size.

We’re used to big Grand Theft Auto games, with San Andreas setting the bar pretty high in terms of sheer playable size. Rockstar is currently hiring game testers to assess the game during production, which has made many journalists suspect the game is due for a 2012 release. Let’s hope they can iron out any bugs and pack the game’s huge map with content before it hits store shelves.

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    epic cant wait got all the oher ones wohoo

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