Guardians of Middle-Earth Adds Elrond DLC

Guardians of middle-earth

Despite its release several months ago, Warner Bros is still supporting Guardians of Middle-Earth with constant DLC updates. After updating its roster with iconic characters like Frodo, the online multiplayer brawler receives the mighty elf Elrond as a new guardian.

YouTube Preview Image

His play style is shown in the gameplay clip. He’ll serve as a mix of melee and support. Several skills show area effects, which enhance party members and puts the opposition at a disadvantage. Another notable power is the ability to summon an elven archer that will lob damage, while Elrond is free to go for cover.  It’s great to see that console titles are supported as long as this game. Developer Monolith was previously also responsible for Gotham City Impostors, which received a similar treatment.

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