Guardians of Middle-Earth Adds Frodo DLC

Guardians of Middle Earth Frodo

After its release, Guardians of Middle-Earth has steadily put out a ton of additional content related to the Lord of the Rings lore. This week marks perhaps the most iconic character not yet featured in the game: Frodo Baggins.

YouTube Preview Image

This little hobbit apparently uses his little sword to stab at foes. Also, despite it being terrible for one’s person, it seems he can use the One Ring to become invisible on the battlefield. We hope he does keep his mouth shut though, since he talks a lot in this trailer. Frodo is given the somewhat likeness of his movie counterpart Elijah Wood; at least, his attire is similar.

This downloadable content is available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Is anyone still playing this online multiplayer title? The surprising amount of support its receiving would indicate it’s still quite active. Speak up if you have any favorite characters or builds.

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