Halo 4 Beta Invites are FAKE

Halo 4 Beta Scam

There is a scam going around the internet, folks, and we’re here to help you avoid it.

The previous two big Halo games (Halo 3 and Halo Reach) both had very large and very successful betas.  As such, it only makes sense that Halo 4 will do the same.  However, at this point Microsoft and 343 Industries have not formally announced anything about a Halo 4 beta, and they certainly haven’t started accepting people into it.

If you come across a website that is claiming to be giving away Halo 4 beta invites they are trying to scam you.  Whatever shenanigans they want you to do for your invite, don’t do it.

Instead, bookmark our Halo 4 Beta page at http://www.gamesta.com/betas/halo-4-beta.  We will have all the latest news and updates about the Halo 4 Beta, as well as how you can get into it, as the info actually becomes available.  We previously ran the hugely successful haloreachbeta.com which was by far the #1 source for Halo Reach Beta news two years back and we will be doing the same for the Halo 4 Beta.  So bookmark and get to waiting, but don’t fall for those other scams!

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