Hire Hitman To Terminate Your Social Life [Update]

Hire Hitman

Square Enix released a Hire Hitman app on Facebook in lieu of its Hitman Absolution release. The free application on the social network lets you murder your friends virtually.

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With Hire Hitman, you can use a person’s data on Facebook to acquire a target file. Agent 47 will prepare his case against this victim, as a background story is told of the soon to be deceased. It ranges from romantic ties to age and so forth. You can also let your passive aggressiveness run free by giving a recognizable trademark and a reason for termination. Some of the classier ones are “recognizable by her small tits” and “is the laziest person alive.” You can get even harsher by applying a custom message, in case you really don’t want any friends anymore.

You can find Hire Hitman here.

Update: In light of people not taking too kindly to being dehumanized, Square Enix has already retracted the application.

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