How To Add PayPal Funds On US Playstation Network

Sony Entertainment Network

The Sony Entertainment Network in North America now also allows its users to top up their wallet funds with the use of PayPal. Europeans have been able to do this since October.

This means that you can finally use PayPal to purchase games on Playstation Network, though indirectly. A fixed amount can be chosen to put in your digital wallet. For those of you wondering how to do this, we’ll detail the process below:

Step 1: Go to the overarching service Sony Entertainment Network, not the Playstation Network site. You can find the website here. Log in if necessary, and then click on “Account Management” if it doesn’t redirect you automatically. You might have to log in once more to go into your management screen.

Step 2: From the home screen, look to your bottom left where your wallet should be and click on “Add Funds to Wallet.” Alternatively, you can click on the Account tab above and choose “Wallet” from there.

PSN Paypal Guide

Step 3: In your Wallet tab, click “Add Funds to Wallet” once more. You can also adjust your wallet security in here, if needed.

PSN Paypal Guide

Step 4: To your right, you should notice the PayPal logo with the words “use PayPal” underneath. Simply click on the giant button and you should march right on through.

PSN Paypal Guide

Step 5: Here, you can select the amount of funds you’d like to add from a list of 5 choices. The amount differs from a minimum of $5 up to $150 maximum. Click on “Continue” and a popup should appear with the following words: “You have selected one of our external payment partners and will be redirected to their site when you click Continue to complete the process.” Press “Ok” and you should be redirected to the PayPal site once you follow those instructions.

PSN Paypal Guide

Step 6: Follow the known instructions from your secured PayPal site that will show you the required amount and ask you to continue. Doing so pays the chosen fee, after which you should be redirected to Sony’s site where you’ll now see the new amount in your wallet.

Will this persuade you to buy more games? Is it a decent alternative to credit card information? Let us know in the comments below.

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