Humble Deep Silver Bundle With Saints Row, Dead Island And More For $4.5

Humble Deep silver bundle steam pc gameWell, damn, the latest Humble Deep Silver Bundle kind of snuck up on us with a set of great games. Well, they’re not all equally awesome, but the set of 6 coveted Steam games is enough at any price to warrant a purchase. We’ll list all games below:

  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Saints Row 2
  • Risen 2: Dark Waters
  • Sacred 2 Gold

Beat the average for:

  • Saints Row: The Third Season Pass (DLC)
  • Dead Island GOTY Edition


  • Dead Island Riptide

Pretty sweet deal, is it not? This is the perfect opportunity to get ready for the release of Saints Row IV, by running through the catalog of this zany open world franchise. However, we suggest you buy this bundle for Risen 2 particularly, as you may have missed the pirate roleplaying game when it first released. I always mistake the Sacred franchise for the awesome Sacrifice game, which makes me a bit sad. Luckily, Sacred is still a good European RPG in itself and good for lots of hours of entertainment.

If you’re looking to get this package for the third Saints game, then you’ll need to beat the average to unlock its full potential. They released some DLC for it. In fact, the bundle gives you 17 packs to download. It even lets you play with actual porn stars. You heard that right. If you’re getting this for zombie slaying action, then grab Dead Island in its complete form. We say complete, because it wasn’t at first. You can read our review for the GOTY edition here. Beating the price currently fluctuates around $4.5. I don’t think any one game is up for that little cash anywhere right now. It’s a no brainer.

Speaking of which, we can’t stress enough on how much you don’t want to get the special, set at $25, to get Dead Island Riptide. You’re already getting Dead Island in aforementioned tier. You don’t need one at 5 times the price. We do however highly recommend spending $25 or more to support the promotion, its publisher and the charity it holds. Please, do that and then burn the code for Riptide. If you need more convincing, you can find our full review for Dead Island Riptide here.

Now go and buy the Humble Deep Silver Bundle here.

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