Humble Sale On Zombies And Thirty Flights of Loving

Humble Blendo Games sale

The Humble Weekly Sale scales back a few notches after some major promotions on THQ games and such, but that doesn’t make it less memorable. This time, Blendo Games is featured and gamers can buy their excellent action titles Flotilla and Atom Zombie Smasher, for just a buck.

In the first game, players try to work out a strategy to maneuver their ships in space combat. With Atom Zombie Smasher, scary undead get reduced to little squares on a city map, but the game somehow manages to keep the intensity of being followed by a huge mob. It’s a truly one of a kind concept.

Additionally, paying more than the average, currently standing on $3.74, will yield Thirsty Flight of Loving. Some may remember it for its critical indie success recently and its strange concept that shows a first person short story.

All purchases come with additional soundtracks. You can get the Blendo Games sale here.

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