Iceberg Reveals Free DLC And New Game

Tiny TroopersIceberg Interactive has plans for some Halloween specials as well. The publisher continues to add more free content to its games.

In particular, their iOS port Tiny Troopers will once more receive some attention. After already adding new controls in an earlier update, the point and shoot game will now receive brand new content. To fit the time of year, gamers can look forward to a zombie mode. The goal is to survive endless waves of nasty undead, which even include chickens. Players will be able to call forth special drop crates for the occasion.

Perhaps important: Iceberg Interactive has explicitly stated that this free update will not only be added to Steam, like last time. This patch will launch for digital platforms, as well as retail versions.

In other news, the publisher will release Real Heroes: Firefighter to digital PC platforms in 2013, as well as a retail version for the UK and Ireland. The game will let gamers live out an old childhood dream of becoming a brave firefighter against a sea of flames. It also prides itself on being a non-violent first-person simulation. The enemy is nothing more than flames, so there is no killing in this action feature. However, flames will come with their own behavioral patterns through “Thinking Fire” technology, along with multiple difficulty settings.

real fighter

The game will use a cel-shaded style and span across 9 levels filled with firefighters and their gear. You’ll be able to use an axe, hose, mechanical separator, extinguisher and more. The single player campaign is said to take around 7 hours and will include collectibles and unlockables.  Voice acting enlisted several Hollywood people like James Marsters, who you know as Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or that terrible Dragon Ball movie). Other stars include Jenette Goldstein, who played Vasquez in Aliens and Jamie Kennedy, who you might remember from ruining Activision’s press conference at E3 some years ago. If not, then you should really look up the latter.

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