Iceberg To Distribute Blades of Time On PC

Blades of Time

Blades of Time's desert level is one of the most annoying yet interesting designs in years.

Good news for PC gamers and fans of weird stuff. Strange game Blades of Time from Gaijin Entertainment will be coming to Mac and PC somewhere in May 2012. Publisher Iceberg Interactive has struck a deal with the Russian developer to distribute the game to retail.

Iceberg will publish the Blades of Time: Limited Edition, which includes an exclusive map for the game’s fun multiplayer Outbreak mode. It will also come with an art book, a soundtrack, a wallpaper collection and the Dismal Swamp DLC that lets players take on another persona. Instead of chatty heroine Ayumi, Dismal Swamp will allow the game to tell the story of the sassy Michelle. Iceberg has also announced it would localize versions for Germany and France.

The hack and slash title with time rewinding elements is one of the weirdest things I’ve played in a while. It tries a ton of different and new, interesting ideas. It’s far from perfect, but its eccentric nature really made it stand out. I think it’s one of those rare titles that everyone should play at least once.

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