Indie Gala Gets Spring Fever, Gets Two Deals At Once

Dealmakers Indie Gala have been prolific in their garnering of bundles and promotions. Their latest effort includes 2 simultaneous bundles. First up, we’ll detail their mobile bundle, which features 9 Android games in 2 tiers. Its first tier will unlock 3 titles, with a fourth to be announced later. We’ll list the first three below:

  • Chimpact
  • Trainz Simulator
  • 9th Dawn

There is something for everyone in this first batch. In Chimpact, players propel a monkey through jungle stages filled with vines, creatures and obstacles. You can guess what you can to with Trainz Simulator. If you guess simulate trains, then you’re right. Roleplaying fans will enjoy the classic top down game 9th Dawn.

For a price over $3.72, buyers unlock the second tier of 5 games. However, this section will also add two more mysterious games later. We’ll list the five known Android releases below:

  • Bag it!
  • Great Big War Game
  • Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack
  • Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone
  • Trainz Driver

We do advise forking over a few bucks to unlock the full bundle, as it includes some pretty neat titles. For instance, Bag it! Has a charming Dr. Mario feel to it with its cute puzzle system. Strategy fans will enjoy Great Big War Game with its cartoony violence and turn-based combat. More fun can be had with the always quirky Serious Sam games, while a favorite among users will propably be Slender Man’s scary venture onto mobile devices. Finally, you can guess once more what you can do in Trainz Driver. You’re right.

You can buy the Indie Gala Mobile 3 bundle here.


At the same time, you can get your hands on some more intricate simulation fun with the Indie Gala Tropico sale. It features all Tropico releases in a few different tiers. Any price will unlock Tropico Reloaded, which features the first two games. For $4.87, you’ll add Tropico 3 to that pack, while Tropico 4 and all included games cost $8.52.

You can purchase the Indie Gala Tropico bundle here.

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