Indie Gala Has A Flash Bundle

Indie Gala Flash

Bundles are getting more and more frequent as Indie Gala joins the “in between” promotions with their latest reveal. For just a few days, you can purchase the Indie Gala Flash bundle, which offers 3 core titles for any price. We’ll list these games below:

  • Pathologic
  • The Abbey
  • Miner Wars: Arena

Only the last title is redeemable through Steam, but we would actually advise taking a look at the other two games. In particular, the strange people at Ice-pick Lodge always seem to come up with unique titles and Pathologic is a fine example of that. It has a certain 90s charm with its crude, square visuals and eerie vibe.

For a minimum of $5.39, at the time of writing, you can also unlock 4 additional releases, with one of those titles to be revealed later. We’ll list the 3 known titles below as well:

  • Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
  • Miner Wars 2081
  • Paranormal

We highly recommend taking Earth Defense Force for a spin. Blasting giant alien creatures with rocket launchers; it doesn’t get much better than that. Alternatively, you can also scare your pants off with Paranormal, if you’d like.

Buying this pack supports the AbleGamers charity. You can purchase the Indie Gala Flash bundle here.

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