Indie Gala Starts Weekly Deals As Well

Indie Gala Weekly

Game deal providers Indie Gala have launched a new weekly initiative of their own. In the first Indie Gala Weekly sale, buyers can get their hands on Beat Hazard and the Soulcaster series for any price they desire.

The first tier of games includes the regular version of Beat Hazard, both on Steam as iOS. Additionally, this core bundle includes both the original Soulcaster as well as Soulcaster II, which are both redeemable through Desura. This tier also comes with Soulcaster soundtracks included.

For those that beat the average of $1.92, at the time of writing, Beat Hazard Complete will be unlocked, as well as an Android version of the game, but also Escape Goat, with Desura key. As the name suggests, Beat Hazard Complete features previously released game content, which features iTunes and m4a support.

This is obviously mimicked by the Humble Bundle’s recent weekly additions, even going as far as applying a similar layout. Still, shifts in business models are always welcomed, if they benefit the consumer in the end. Adaptability is the way to keep a business running, so Indie Gala at least has that down, while not resorting to offering us poorer deals in return, but better ones, in frequency.

You can purchase the Indie Gala Weekly here.


  1. Chris Boers April 18, 2013

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    Funny. Humble bundle stops the weekly sales, and someone else starts them.

    • Daav Valentaten
      Daav Valentaten April 18, 2013

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      I’m sure the Humble folks are just planning their next move. If I can speculate, I might even say that once again their moves will be ahead of others and spur competitors to follow suit. That is, if they’re not returning to weekly/monthly/etc sales. I certainly like the model. Steam applies this now as well, atop of its daily/midweek/weekend deals.

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