Indie Gala Summertide Bundle Packs More Than A Dozen Games

Indie Gala Summertide pc steam bundleAfter the latest Bundle Stars politely waiting the Summer Sale end, it’s now up to Indie Gala to revive their lot of Steam games and such with a new Summertide bundle. In total, 14 titles will be up for grabs, set in multiple tiers like last time. Those that choose to stick to a “pay what you want” model will receive 3 neat titles already, which we’ll list below:

  • Miner Warfare
  • Doom & Destiny
  • Oniken

Fans of multiplayer games will get a kick out of digging for gold in Miner Warfare, where every other miner is a target in need of a pickaxe to the pixelated face. There are even guns and explosions in there. In Doom & Destiny, we explore what happens when real life nerds and their quirky ways would do if they happened to embark on a real quest, instead of one set around a table. Hilarity and parodies ensue in this classic roleplaying title. For more classic vibes, you can check out Oniken, as it exudes that 8-bit NES platform atmosphere with limited color palettes, flashing lights and plenty of action.

Paying in excess of $3.92, at the time of writing, will unlock 5 more titles; with 3 games known so far. We’ll post these below as well:

  • Space Pirates and Zombies
  • Gun Bullet Children
  • Vampire Rex

If you like both space shooters and builder simulations, Space Pirates and Zombies or SPAZ will give you this action with a twist. Instead of just blasting through space, it’s also possible to evolve in a fleet and change combat as this progresses. As the name suggests, Gun Bullet Children will provide you with similar shooting elements in a bullet hell setting. Quite like it, Vampire Rex will do the same, seeing as it’s one of multiple Exceed games offered in the bundle.

SPAZ space pirates and zombies

Unlocking all tiers starts at $6.45 for now and comes with 6 more titles, with 4 games known so far and one slot reserved for additional content. We’ll give you the ones known so far in a list:

  • Jade Penetrate Black Package
  • Sacraboar
  • Trainz Simulator 12 (+Aerotrain & Coronation Scot DLC)
  • Painkiller Recurring Evil

If anything, Exceed’s third serving wins our pick for most random game name ever. “Jade Penetrate Black Package;” we have no idea who came up with that.  Strategy fans looking for action can find something in Sacraboar, where the goal is to steal the opponent’s trophy by managing resources and building an army. In Trainz Simulator you simulate trains. Finally, Painkiller will fill your need for shooting many things in their ugly faces.

You can buy the Indie Gala Summertide bundle here.

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