Indie Game Shores of Hazeron Database Hacked

Shores of Hazeron

Some troubling news came to us from indie game Shores of Hazeron. This explorative juggernaut that lets players colonize everything they see got its security breached on April 20, 2012 at  7:00am MDT.

The intrusion replaced the .exe file of the Shores of Hazeron Windows version with a Trojan, which affected both the full download and the patch. People are advised not to open the file at any cost. As this breach was discovered by developer David Hoeft while he was out of town, the servers were immediately shutdown as a precaution.

It is not clear what exactly got accessed during the intrusion, but possible elements include a player database from October 28, 2011. From there, hackers could possibly access account names, passwords and e-mail addresses. All Shores of Hazeron players are advised to immediately change their password.

Shores of Hazeron is quite the impressive game I’ve been meaning to delve into. It merges micro and macro management from simply planetary buildings to exploring and conquering entire galaxies. It’s comparable to 4X strategy games like Civilization, but amped up with no boundaries. It’s actually quite intimidating to see the amount of freedom that comes with the ambitious title. And to think this title is even free and ever-growing in development is just astounding. We suggest giving it a go once this mess clears up.

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