Indie Multiplayer Kill Fun Yeah Is Indeed Fun, Yeah


It’s a wonderful time for HD Collections and indie games alike. After the recent developments in Platformines and Planet Explorers, two games with free trials you should get to know, we’ve now also received word of Kill Fun Yeah.

The game is as intriguing as the title would suggest. This 2D pixel slasher is a bit similar to the former Platformines, except focused even more on crazy shooting antics. Small little pixelated characters run around in custom made levels and try to murder each other. It features some ridiculously charming sound effects, which we think shout: “Fun!” Though, it sounds like they’re actually drawing their last breath to a similarly sounding word with 4 letters.

YouTube Preview Image

The latest Alpha build refines its gamerplay mechanics to create an even more entertaining online multiplayer experience. Interested people can purchase the game on their website. There’s also a playable build available free of charge. You’ll find it here.

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