Indie Royale Hoards A Hearty Valentine Bundle

Indie Royale Valentine Bundle
Valentine’s Day is coming up and will see a heavy release schedule, filled with great games and a Mass Effect 3 demo that some people might like. This news item will discuss none of that and will instead focus on Indie Royale’s sixth pay-what-you-want promotion. Indie game bundles have been on the rise ever since the giant success of the Humble Indie Bundle and this sixth release is one of Indie Royale’s best yet. Consumers that give away a few of their precious pennies will get treated with 4 or 5 different titles:

  • Zeno Clash
  • Hoard
  • Lume
  • Soulcaster
  • Soulcaster II

As a special bonus for people who pay at least the minimum (€3,37 at the time of writing), the Valentine’s Bundle will also give access to One Life Left’s eclectic ‘Music To Play Games By Too’ compilation. Information from that soundtrack can be found here. Indie Royale usually also boosts their bonuses later on with additional soundtracks and games, so it pays to beat the minimum early on. In any case, it’s just a few bucks.

Indie Royale Valentine Bundle

In particular Zeno Clash and Hoard are incredibly interesting titles to own. Zeno Clash is a first person brawler that fuses Valve’s Source engine into an exotic and strange environment. It’s like a fighter version of Oblivion or Dark Messiah. Hoard is an incredibly fun tabletop game featuring dragons that try to collect as much loot as possible. The simple burn and pillage mechanic offers some highly entertaining gameplay, complete with knights, villages, princesses and lots of fire. This title also comes with additional bonus DLC when purchased through Indie Royale. Also, if your loved one accepts this gesture as a genuine Valentine’s gift, feel free to marry them on the spot.

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