Indie Royale Mayhem Bundle Shoots Up 6 Steam Games

Indie Royale Mayhem Bundle

We’re back with the latest indie deals, as Indie Royal launches their Mayhem Bundle, filled with action titles of all kinds. There are already 6 titles known, out of a possible 7. These are redeemable through Steam keys and cost around €4.17 at the time of writing. We’ll list the known games below:

  • Burn Zombie Burn!
  • Lucius
  • Plain Sight
  • Primal fears
  • Alien Shooter 2: Conscription
  • Droplitz

Those that enjoy being mobbed by enemies from all sides can take on Burn Zombie burn with their traditional twin-stick shooting system. While this game is round and cartoonish, Primal Fears is the same genre, only a lot grimier and with more abominable creatures. You’ll have to take your pick. Even Alien Shooter provides a similar shooting system, but in a more classic visual package of top-down pixel visuals. Think of Fallout 1 or 2, but as a real time action RPG.

Luckily, there is still some variety in this bunch. For instance, the horror survival title Lucius makes another bundle return, for those that missed it previous times. If less scary action is your thing, then check out Plain Sight and its explosive combat where you guide suicidal robots. It’s kind of like ‘Splosion Man. Finally, perhaps the most unique pick is Droplitz, which contrasts regular puzzle mechanisms with matching pathways on falling blocks.

You can buy the Mayhem Bundle here.

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