IndieBundle Launches Alpha Deal With 2 Free Games

Alpha bundle

While is a site that frequently has a set of deals, this particular Alpha Bundle will allow gamers to hop in on a game before it takes off. It adds a certain hipster flair to the usual indie fan’s motivation. There are 3 titles available for $5, though this comes packaged with 2 additional free games. It markets these as “bonuses,” but the games are already available for free, outside of the promotion. That’s a bit shady of them. Anyway, we’ll list all titles below:

  • Gravi
  • Super Tower Rush
  • Monsters
  • Samphi
  • Twisty’s Asylum Escapades

Our favorite in this bunch is Super Tower Rush. Here, players need to climb down a tower as quickly as they can and collect items while avoiding traps. This with the pixel art style is quite exhilarating in the way classic games used to drive the tempo. In Gravi, players control a ball through a set of platform stages, as they try to hurl themselves across the level. Doing so, you’ll need to avoid spikes and the usual obstacles. Finally, Monsters is exactly what it stands for; a bunch of monsters. However, it has an intense risk and reward system that makes characters lose health as they use their fire power and makes health drops appear amidst the slew of monsters.

As far as the free games go, Samphi is an alternate take on Terraria with 2D landscapes, crafting mechanisms and so forth. Those that have always wanted to play with a giant brain filled with teeth can do so in Twisty’s Asylum Escapades. It also features upgrades and an adventure in a dangerous, grey ward.

You can buy the Alpha Fundle Bundle here.

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