IndieGala VI Is Out With A Bam!

Bam Indiegala VIIndie bundles are really kicking it up a notch lately. IndieGala VI has just launched and it is quite the stunner once again. If by now you haven’t depleted your funds from all the other charities we’ve reported this week, the star studded package might drain what’s left of your wallet.

Gamers can donate and receive the critically acclaimed game Commandos, both Behind Enemy Lines and Beyond the Call of Duty. It even has “call of duty” in the name, so you know it’s good.  Jest aside, this franchise was a pioneer in stealth and strategy games back before the turn of the century. Additionally, this package will yield The Void, a strange and trippy experience in a noir setting.

Those that pay more than $6.25, at the time of writing, can unlock the Commandos sequels and Ion Assault as well as Air Conflicts: Secret Wars. More so, you’ll be able to gain even more trippy games with Cargo: The Quest for Gravity. All of these games are well worth the admission price by themselves. Naturally, offering more helps fund the given charities for the Italian earthquake victims and supports Ablegamers, a charity for people with certain disabilities that want to unwind with some games.

It’s an exciting time for indie bundles and I believe most organizations have seen that adding the same games over and over created some charity fatigue. This new route is most satisfactory. You can find IndieGala here.

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