Indies Skeptic About Xbox One, But On Board With Sony and Nintendo

Two Tribes Xbox One PS4Developer Two Tribes, creator of the Toki Tori series, has announced on Twitter that it will “probably” not make any games for the newly announced Xbox, the Xbox One; the next gen Xbox, not the other black box. It attributes this fact to not being able to self-publish games on the system.

Their Toki Tori games are available on that other next gen platform: the Nintendo Wii U. However, Microsoft has a long struggle with indie development. While the platform is very popular among indie developers, the process and obscurity of its existence is always a cause for worry.

Known detractors for the Xbox issues include Team Meat, when they lashed out at the lack of support for the release of Super Meat Boy, which is documented in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie. Also, recently developer Brian Provinciano, known for Retro City Rampage, voiced issues with Xbox development on Twitter. He stated that it cost more than any other platform to perform, while also selling less in return. When we discussed this over mails, Brian mentioned: “At the moment, I only plan to do future projects for Sony/Nintendo/PC platforms. No platform is without weaknesses, but when I provide suggestions, both Sony and Nintendo listen and follow through with improving things based on feedback. My experience with Microsoft was the opposite, and I have lost hope that things will improve on their platforms.” In retrospect, it seems like he’s right on the money.

The latter also urged developers to start developing for the PS Vita, due to Sony’s welcoming of indie games. In addition, Two Tribes is also looking to Sony for their games, as they’ve noted that their PS4 kits have just arrived.

It seems that the Xbox One reveal isn’t sitting right with everyone. For more information about the reveal, you can check our full recap here. Tell us what you like (or don’t like) about the new Xbox One; the new one, the one that we haven’t had in our homes yet. Dammit, Microsoft, couldn’t you have called it the Xbox U or something?

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