inFamous: Second Son Gets Five Fiery Gameplay Minutes

infamous Second Son PS4 gameplay screenshot

Sony released a belated E3 gameplay reel for inFamous: Second Son. This Playstation 4 exclusive will use a different protagonist than the first two games in the series.

In the clip, we see the main character get around by using flame jets thrusting from his arms, which he uses as a means to propel himself in the air. When by foot, he seems to have quite the skittish demeanor, halting sharply and abrupt. Other powers shown in this five minute clip include a form of teleportation where the character turns to a heap of cinders. This can be used to overcome locked, grated fences. However, this is later in the clip also a means to use vents as both a ways of transportation and to get shot into the air. When these aren’t available, it will still be possible to climb as a normal person. Since this game has these abilities, there is a decent amount of verticality in the action shown.

YouTube Preview Image

As fire is a central theme here, there are a few destructive powers at hand. For instance, some standard fireballs can be shot from the arm like any projectile. These can also be overcharged into one giant blast, which the clip employs to show off the destruction element in the game. Entire platforms can be seen crumbling down, even with people still residing in them. Fences are blown off, wall sections explode and so on.

Lawmen in opposition of the character come in different shapes, but one in particular seems to be able to simulate some powers of their own, such as spontaneous jets. Throughout the footage, the character takes out a chain and heats it to lash foes. At the end, there’s also a hint of a huge bombardment attack.

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