Kojima Interested in Hands-Off MGS Remake

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Famed game designer Hideo Kojima is known as much for his bizarre sense of humor as his slightly extreme perfectionist tendencies. The Metal Gear Solid series creator recently reflected on his time spent developing the first game in the series, or at least the first game in the Solid part of the series, for the original PlayStation.

Kojima’s interested in remaking the original game, but not in the role you might expect. Known for his obsessive perfectionism, he fears that he’ll end up with a completely different game altogether if he were to sit in the director’s chair. Instead, he wants to “answer the fans calls” while handing off the game’s actual direction and design to someone else in his team.

It’s pretty understandable – Kojima’s an artistic guy, and revisiting one of your past works to bring it up to date is hardly the most exciting or inspiring way to spend your time. However, MGS fans may want to keep an eye on the original for any future development – there may be a new remake of the game, possibly a full HD rerelease, at some point in the next few years without Kojima’s direction.

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