Latest Indie Gala Adds Mass Effect 2 In 9 Game Bundle For $6

Indie Gala Mass Effect 2 Bundle

It’s safe to say that Indie Gala’s Mass Effect bundle has the biggest title in any indie bundle yet. In fact, including Mass Effect in your bundle is quite the opposite of being an indie package. Yet, again, we won’t complain about promotions that benefit users. In this 9 game package, buyers can unlock a first tier of 5 games for any price, with 4 titles already know. We’ll list these titles below:

  • Rebuild
  • Kill Fun yeah
  • Shadowgrounds
  • Zombie Driver HD

Please note that Rebuild is an Android release, in which you’ll thwart a zombie apocalypse by reclaiming randomly generated cities for mankind. Our pick for this tier is definitely Kill Fun Yeah, with hectic platform shooting that we’ve mentioned a few times before. More grim action is available with the other two titles.

Still, anyone interested in this bundle will do so for the tier that starts at $5.98. This price will unlock 4 more games, with 3 known know. Again, we’ll place these below:

  • Gimbal
  • Shank 2
  • Mass Effect 2

There isn’t really much elaboration needed on Mass Effect. Shank 2 is another action-packed EA title. We’ve also mentioned Gimbal’s shooting game before. Additionally, this tier grants buyers the DLC for Zombie Driver HD. Note that an Origin account is needed for Mass Effect 2.

You can purchase the Mass Effect bundle here.

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