Lawsuit Spawning Adidas MiCoach Game Pops Back On THQ Radar

We reported earlier about THQ getting sued by Adidas for failing to produce a title. The sports goods manufacturer was seeking a little over $10 million in revenue it had not seen from the publisher due to its issues. Now, the miCoach game has popped back onto the THQ press site, pegged for a March 2012 release. Perhaps that will allow the troubled THQ to dodge an unnecessary payment.

thq press site

To avoid scruples: This screenshot was taken directly from THQ's press site

The game will enhance the Adidas miCoach technology by providing real time feedback to anyone wearing a miCoach heart monitor while playing. Additionally, players will also be able to gather their fitness data from outside the game by installing mobile apps. The game will coach players on to better health and it will allow to set fitness goals and workouts. Players will also be able to choose a personal coach from a series of professional athletes such as Tyson Gay, Kaka or Ana Ivanovic.

Adidas MiCoach

Adidas miCoach is releasing for Playstation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect. Hopefully this will satiate Adidas lawyers. Furthermore, it might help THQ to slowly start crawling out of its financial woes before facing stock market delisting in June.

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